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About Me - Szasz Friderich

My name is Szász Friderich, I live and work in Romania in the city of Reghin, famously called the City of Violins. It’s called that way because it is located in the Mures county, in the heart of Transylvania, region rich with ancient forests. It is in the Hora Factory in Reghin, an already well known violin factory at the time, where I started perfecting my skills as the violin maker, some 40 years ago. It was a perfect environment to practice consistency, as I helped create and later created countless standard models of violins, violas, and cellos.

And after 13 years, having developed my violin-making skills significantly, I decided to dive even deeper into the art of violin making by opening my own specialized violin workshop.

 Working in such an environment, I learned to chase the preferred artists’ sound by adapting the wood type and the wood density, rib structure, f-hole shape, and many other facets of the craft. Working as an independent Romanian luthier was a natural progression of my journey and ever since 1990, artists worldwide are able to obtain violins, violas, and cellos made with meticulous precision and full devotion to the desired sound right here at Szasz Violins

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